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Katrina Photos 2
Katrina -- the Book
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     Welcome to Historic Pass Christian.  A city that is unique in many ways.  Its post Indian history aggressively began with the two brothers D'Iberville and Bienville in their search for the Mississippi River in 1699.
     The brothers and their entourage explored all the waterways from the Spanish controlled area of Pensacola westward to finally reaching the Great Waters of the Mississippi.
     From the early 1700s, Pass Christian was settled by the French and became more famous following the War of 1812 when Englishmen, soldiers of fortune, and immigrants from  many European countries came to settle the Gulf Coast.
     Pass Christian became one of the Watering Places with hotels of grandeur that attracted the rich cotton barons from New Orleans and upstate Mississippi began building Antebellum homes along the Gulf front.  
     Following the Civil War, more and more Northeners joined in the multitude of tourists and visitors -- many to stay and build and renovate the older homes into even greater mansions.
     In 1969, Pass Christian was the target for Hurricane Camille, a Category V Storm with more than 20 foot Storm surges and winds above 200.  The town was crippled and took a number of years to overcome and regrow.

     In 2005, a Category IV named Katrina, although with lesser wind force, the Storm Surge was 32 feet.  This obliterated essentially ALL of the Western side of Pass Christian leaving only about one fifth of the residents with habitable conditions on the Eastern side.  
     Regardless, the entire Beach Front with but a few exceptions was flattened.  The Storm Surge reached much further inland bringing many tornadic actions to demolish homes and Live Oaks aplenty.
     The People of Pass Christian are resilient.  A great number of the residents have roots from New Orleans and other places.  These too, want to bring new birth through the Recovery Effort, but want to maintain and bring back the lifestyle that only residents and past visitors have first hand knowledge of.
     Pass Christian has a passion for patriotism and a spirit to prevail against all odds and adversity.  Pass Christian can come back even quicker with continued shoulder to shoulder support by the many folks and communities that have responded and continue to send forth volunteers, supplies and gifts.
     Pass Christian is most grateful to all who assist in its goal to Recover.
     In spite of the utter destruction to the infrastructure and the great loss of homes, the character, spirit, and resiliency shows through by the town locals.
     The photos taken on the second day following Katrina by Huey Bang, captures the prevailing determination to move forward with a spiritual uplift and determined hope for the future.
     Pass Christian has reached that stage of being "over-the-hump" as told in a new book by Dan Ellis that thoroughly describes the hardships and travail during the aftermath and exhibited with detail photographs -- and now shows Pass Christian with a new infrastructure, a population return of 4800 according to the last census and a town that has been re-built.  And a future supported my Revivalists that don't take NO for an answer.

Little Miss Isabella in 2005 was eager to see her fortune returned as were all the citizens of the Pass.
This Future is Now!

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